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By purchasing this package you're able to request a custom ringtone for SchoolRP's in-game phone system; this will be added under your phone settings, along with the default ringtones you own for free. All ringtones are made custom to order and can only be 30 seconds long. Please consult staff before purchasing if you're worried about the complexity of your request as it may be declined if the song is not possible to be created.

  • To request your custom ringtone, please join the SchoolRP Discord and send the command /redeem-custom <transactionId> in any channel (contact Staff for further assistance). Note that you are only permitted 2 revisions to your original ringtone request (including minor changes in request).
  • Phone ringtones cannot be real songs/sound files and will be covered/turned into Minecraft Noteblock songs.
  • Your song must be somewhat simplistic to be able to be created in the software we use.
  • Phone Ringtones are a maximum of 30 seconds (if your ringtone is shorter, it will be looped in-game until 30 seconds has passed).

* Ringtones can take from 4-14 days to be fully implemented depending on the current backlog of requests, the team will let you know the current progress in your ticket once you have redeemed your ringtone in the SchoolRP Discord. You cannot transfer your ringtone to another account (you would have to re-purchase the ringtone). Another player can request the song as you, though you will be given a slightly different rendition. You cannot request changes to your ringtone after it has been implemented in-game. 

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