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35.00 USD


By purchasing this package you're able to request a custom item (Toys, Items, etc.). All items are 3D modelled by one of our modellers. Please consult Media Team Coordinator before purchasing this as your request may be denied if it is deemed inappropriate/not possible.

  • To request your custom model, please join the SchoolRP Discord and send the command /redeem-custom <transactionId> in any channel (contact Staff for further assistance). Note that you are only permitted 2 revisions on your model.
  • Your item has to be realistic, if it is something which it's not it could be a turned into a toy / prop made out of plastic ICly
  • The item must be something you can hold in your character's hand (it cannot be a vehicle).
  • All custom items will be modelled and shaded with a simplistic Java style that fits the game.

* We estimate models take from 4-30 days to be fully implemented depending on the current backlog of requests, you will receive updates from your modeller within your request channel on Discord. You can purchase copies of your own model to be spawned in, however these come at an in-game cost to prevent pay-to-win. If you are inactive on the server for 6 months+ your model may be removed from our resource pack to conserve space, however you can always contact the Modelling team about having your model returned to you should you decide to re-join the community. Note that you by purchasing any custom model you are  commissioning your request from our team of skilled 3D Modellers as well as supporting the server. 

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